Loving Touch



It's the ending of the day and,
I am thinking of you.
Thinking of how much I love you,
And how I miss you too.


I think of your beautiful smile,
Your eyes that say so much.
Wishing that I could be with you,
And feel your loving touch.


I know I will always love you,
There's no one else for me.
The two of us together is.
Something meant to be.


It's so good to have someone lend,
A shoulder when needed;
Someone cheering on the sidelines,
When I have succeeded.


You care about my every need,
Though we are miles apart.
Your sweetness and thoughtfulness,
Has surely won my heart.

I pray you will always love me,
Now and forevermore.
Because you are my sweetheart,
The one that I adore.






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