My Heart's Desire



I think of all my heart desires,
And the things I have missed.
Looking back when just a young girl,
I remember things I wished.

I would wish upon a rainbow,
After unexpected rain.
Wished upon a star as it,
Fell from it's domain. 

I wished I could be an artist;
 Paint sunsets and flowers.
Beautiful buds that would open,
After springtime showers.

I wished to go to a distant land,
See all there was to see.
Throw coins into a fountain as,
I made a wish for me.

I wished to be a writer and
A book of poems to write.
To write of things that I love and,
The things that are in sight.

Sleeping Beauty I wished to be,
With a kiss to awake.
Live forever after with a Prince
And his bride he would make.

Oh, the things that I did wish for!
They're still a part of me.
Especially when I am surrounded
With beautiful things I see.


A wish that came true!




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