My sincerest appreciation to the friends
that wrote these beautiful poems.
I am deeply honored  and
when I need encouragement,
I shall come here and read these words.
that I will forever cherish.




Southbreeze’s Poetdesk

Dreams turned into reality,
A site she longed to share,
Giving space to many others,
Just something to show she cares.

Hard work given in pleasure,
Poems by the pages to read,
Inspirational thoughts from poets,
Planting a Christ loving seed.

Dedications to Mothers and Dads,
Easter and Christmas time pages,
All filled with loving thoughts,
Passed down through the ages.

A special place of expression,
Created with such loving care,
Open to all that wish to browse,
A poetic Garden of Eden ‘tis rare.

I love to go to your Garden,
Read in perfect isolation,
Precious words of assurance,
Have become my liberation.

I love your poetic pages,
Appreciate the spaces you assign,
Giving up to artistic talent,
Unselfishly you consign.

Thank you Southbreeze
For all the generosities you share.

Gayle Davis
June 6, 2003©

(Thank you Gayle for this wonderful
poem.  I feel so honored, especially from
a great writer as yourself. You are always
so encouraging and I not only
cherish this poem but your friendship
as well.)

A Lady

I know ‘A lady’ who is kind and true,
She blesses so many,
And even though days have been sad and blue,
She ne’er forgets any.

She has such a good and generous way,
For she always forgives,
Ne’er an unkind word is spoken to sway,
It’s the Lord’s way she lives.

How blessed we all are to know ‘A Lady,’
Our paths were crossed by God,
Clothed in brightness that shines, it's ne'er shady,
Dear heart bears no facade.

Such a grand lady’s beauty brings a smile,
A gentle spirit’s clear,
It’s God’s reflection that’s graced her in style,
Blessing us who are near.

I thank the Lord for ‘A Lady’ so sweet,
This presence is adored,
Honorable and lovingly Oh she’ll greet,
You and me and our Lord.

©Sondra McPherson
June 9, 2003©
    ( for South)

(Thank you Sondra for these
beautiful words.  You will never know
what they mean to me.
You have been such a true and
faithful friend through the years)

Lovely Lady..................

I know not where you are 
Or from whence you came.
I only know since I've read your poems
My life is not the same.

(Thank you so much for these
encouraging words Robert!)

Thanks for the memories
your poems to me did provide.
Each one touched me greatly
and in my heart will always reside.

Your Web pages are filled with beauty
and words given to you from God.
I wish you many deserved blessings
as down the road of life you trod.

©Richard Funnell

(Thank you so much Richard!
I am so honored especially from such a
great author as you!)

It doesn't seem like much, Lord,
I want to plant many seeds!
But they're only little children~~
I feel like I'm pulling weeds!!

It doesn't seem like much, Lord,
When I read a bible story.
They wiggle and they squirm so, Lord,
How can they ever know your glory?

It doesn't seem like much, Lord,
When I recruit another Mother--
I want to see it make a difference
For every sister, every brother.

It doesn't seem like much, Lord,
But I do the best I know--
It seems to go in one ear and out the other,
As fast as the wind can blow!!


You think it doesn't matter, Child,
When you read a Bible story--
You cannot know until the end 
When you see them all in glory!

You think it doesn't matter, Child,
But to me it matters much!
Because I can change eternity,
Through every heart you touch.

You think it doesn't matter, Child,
You have shown my small ones love!
One day they will be jewels atop your crown,
When you reach your home above.

©Debbie Loi

(This poem was written by a dear
friend whose son is in
Awanas.I had the honor of attending
his baptism October 2004. Thank you with all my heart


There is this special lady
she's a Christian and a friend
the Lord brought her to me
and for this I say, "Amen"

I haven't known her very long
but it seems much longer than that
she is always there for me
if it's only for a chat.

Anyone that knows her
I'm sure feels the same way
just to be able to know her
puts a sparkle in my day.

We chat on the computer
by computerized emails
she never ever lets me down
She communicates without fail.

Thank you for the friendship
and the joy you bring to me
and maybe one day
it is like you I will be.

©Rebecca Ann Rence
Thank you Dear Rebecca for this precious
poem.  I will cherish  it andour newfound friendship always)


Just In Case I Haven't Told you Lately

On the day that your were born,
God gave a great big smile.
He'd created someone special,
Who would be around a while.

Evelyn, you're terrific,
And really very dear.
Every time I converse with you,
It's just like you were here.

I'm glad to have you as a friend
It means so much to me.
Every time I think of you,
It fills my heart with glee.

©Rebecca Ann Rence

Thank you Becky for this lovely poem. I am so touched by your friendship and have been so blessed by having known you.  I will cherish this as I cherish you as my friend.


For Evelyn

Sometimes you'll meet somebody
Who'll take your breath away

And when they say it's time to go
You want to make them stay

I met this lady just recently
With talent up to here

She draws with words, such melodies
It's so hard to tell the tale

She is so eloquent at times
My descriptive words just fail

She draws the pictures out in print
With deep and abiding love

I know some talent that she has
Must come from Up Above

I know that God has said to her,
"Go forth and paint your heart."

Seeing her work, you know she did
Her love, you see is part

Of the bigger soul within herself
Which she captures very well

Now all the words she gives to us
The wonderous stories she can tell

I'm very glad she crossed my path
And I know she's here to stay

She made me very different now
She's helped me make my way.

With love and appreciation,
July 2005
Thank you for your beautiful friendship and words.
I shall cherish them as I do your friendship.


The Watering Can

The sun was out on a gorgeous day
When she came bursting out the door
Dressed in red-checked gingham
And set for her first morning chore

A spiffy white apron covered her front
While a straw hat sat top of her head
A smile on her face could be seen for a mile
As she got the watering can out of the shed

She happily danced as she filled it right up
From the one-handled pump by the well
It was that time to give her flowers a drink
And she skipped where the daisies did dwell

She talked to flowers as she sprinkled their faces
"How are you today, Daisies and Marigolds all"
"You are all very pretty, row upon row,
But you’ll be gone with the crispness of Fall."

The sweet little lady watered each one and all
‘Til she came to the end of her beds
"That should be good to hold you," she said,
‘Til sundown shall bow all your heads."

Then off she went with that smile on her face
Where more challenges she would unfold
The watering can went back in the shed
When tomorrow more drinks it would hold.

 ©Dave Allen Kelly
September 2005

Thank you Dave for this precious poem.  I will cherish it
always.  I love the watering can and flowers. You
painted your picture with  beautiful words.


Happy Birthday Evelyn!

God blessed me so
When He did send
You into my life
My precious Friend!

So gently you came
Into my heart.
A sweet love
He did impart.

There is no other who
Can take your place.
You're beautiful,
And have such grace.

Happy Birthday My Darlin' Friend!
I love you!

April 2006

Dearest Melva:  Thank you for these beautiful words
of friendship.  You are a precious friend and I will cherish
them always.