Do You Know

Do you know that I love you;
You're all I'
ve ever desired.
The life you live before me ,
Is one that's so admired.

You seem to find the words that,
Give comfort and relief.
I know that they come from within,
And from your strong belief.

You're never too busy to say "hello"
Or with me to stay awhile.
Your funny ways and loving words,
Fill my heart with a smile!

Wanting to share so many things,
With me throughout the day.
Sometimes good, sometimes bad,
Some things are left unsaid.

Armed and ready for whatever comes,
You're ready to befriend.
When sadness or disappointment comes,
A shoulder you will lend.

I'm so glad that God crossed our paths, 
That friends we'll always be.
These words I send so you will know,
Just what YOU mean to me.

Copyright April 2004


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Midi Playing:  Bruce Deboer
Shadows Converging


Master Artist:  Maxwell Parrish