You Are Beautiful

Accept yourself for who you are,
And hold your head up high.
In God's eyes you are beautiful,
Like a precious lullaby.

It doesn't matter where you're from,
Or who you are in life.
God made you as He wanted you;
Even though you may feel strife.

He has a plan for one called "you"
And sent with you a gift.
So you might spread His love around
And other's spirits lift.

Whenever you feel cast aside,
Take out your gift of love.
Let others see you care for them,
As God watches from above.

He will guide with tender mercies,
And blessings He will impart.
You will feel His loving presence,
As you hold Him to your heart.

And then you will feel beautiful!
As all eyes fall on you!
The beautiful person that you are,
Will show in all you do.




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Music by Margi Harrell


Made with love
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