Auto Diagnosis


A grinding here, a shudder there,
Were things I heard and felt.
My auto had reached a crisis
In which I had not dealt!

I headed to the auto shop,
Didn't know what to expect!
I would have to trust a mechanic,
To make a thorough check.

It was like a family member,
Was sick and needed care.
I was worried, tense and anxious
As I waited there.

I was told a "diagnosis",
Would be made right away!
I could wait or leave and afterward,
With check or card could pay.

While waiting heard lots of stories,
As people came and went.
I tried not to notice when
Their anger they would vent!

Some were biting nails and,
Made conversation light.
As they waited for their verdict,
They held their checkbook tight!

Auto problems we did share,
As we waited there together.
Wanted to take a little nap
When subject changed to weather.

Old newspaper and nothing to do,
I took out paper and pen.
Thought I'd share this time with you, but
Unsure how it would end.

Finally my problems were fixed,
And I breathed a deep sigh.
Until I saw the bill in hand
Which made me want to cry!

On the road again heading home,
No more shudder or grind.
I was feeling safe once again,
And lunch was on my mind!

I thought of the nice mechanic; 
How he smiled and waved goodbye.
Most likely would have bought my lunch
If I hadn't been so shy!

I'm so glad that I made a friend,
Who is a great mechanic!
Cause now when auto problems rise,
I won't have to panic!






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