You Touched My Heart

I saw sorrow and desolation in her eyes,
And that picture touched my heart.
I wanted to reach out and help somehow,
Perhaps to make a new start.

There is no place that she calls home,
In a shelter she sleeps tonight.
No friends, no family, all alone,
None to understand her plight.

In the moments we had between us,
I hope she knows I cared.
I listened to her story and,
My love for Jesus shared.

I hope somehow she will know,
That I did not forget.
I've kept my promise to pray each day,
Since the day we met.

I pray each day that Jesus,
In His arms will hold.
Let her feel His presence.
And protect her from the cold.

I pray for courage and stability,
As she begins life anew.
That God will lead and guide her,
In whatever she may do.

Chances are we'll never meet again,
But I know one thing for sure.
I'll never forget the look in her eyes,
Of the life she has endured.

When I gather with my family
On this Thanksgiving day.
My thoughts will be with her,
As we bow our heads to pray.

I'll pray that she will not give up,
And know she's not to blame.
For the domestic violence she endured.
That has caused her so much pain.

If her path should lead her to these words,
I hope she sees my Christian love.
Remember there's hope for tomorrow,
And God's miracles from above.


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