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Wishing You Well

Sometimes I feel you so very strong,
And know you're thinking of me.
Our thoughts always seemed to intertwine,
Wherever we might be.

What a sweet and precious love we had,
I miss you  oh so much;
Think of you through the day and night,
And long for your loving touch.

I wonder what you're doing today,
On a summer afternoon.
I know you can feel the words I say,
As spirits stay in tune.

I'll remember a love that might have been,
Sad  that friendship had to end.
We didn't even say goodbye,
As I lost my best friend.

I know that you do wish me well,
I can feel the words you say.
And I too, wish you well my love,
As I think of you today.


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Midi Playing:  Affair
and used with permission.

Music by Margi Harrell


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