Whatever Tomorrow Brings

As I look up to the heavens above,
I know that God is there.
He's always watching over me,
And hears my every prayer.

All my trials and tribulations,
With Him I want to share.
He will guide my footsteps,
I'll be safe within His care.

There are no burdens too heavy,
That He won't help me bear.
I'll call on Him to help me as,
I bow my head in prayer.

I will trust each new tomorrow,
To His precious care.
Knowing whatever tomorrow brings,
I'll find my Father there.

He accepts me just as I am,
How great  to bask in His love.
I know that He loves YOU too,
As He watches from above.



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Midi Playing: Oh How He Loves You and Me
Courtesy of Heavenly Midis



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