Through The Years

He saw her from afar one day and,
His heart knew right away.
This was a very special girl,
That he hoped to meet one day.

In His time God crossed their paths and,
Neither were ever the same.
As days went by their love did grow;
Best friends they became.

Oh what days of fun and laughter,
The sweetest days they knew.
Whenever they were together,
Each day brought love anew.

Then a battle cry sounded loud and clear,
And he had to go away.
He was needed to fight for his country;
His beloved USA.

When it was time to say goodbye,
They felt their hearts would break.
All the sweet memories of her,
With him he would take.

A brave and courageous man was he,
Top gunner on a B25.
He made his country proud each day,
As he helped keep his crew alive!

Behind enemy lines one day,
The enemy hit their mark.
There was no other choice to make,
But by parachute to disembark.

He landed miles behind the enemy line,
But God was by his side.
As He took his hand and guided him,
Courage and strength He supplied.

Mile after mile he walked along,
Later was told a hundred miles.
All along the way he saw her face,
And imagined her sweet smiles.

Returning safely home after many months,
She became his bride.
He was presented a special medal,
 The Distinguished Flying Cross with pride.

Three beautiful daughters they do have,
Of who they are so proud.
Sweet memories of growing up,
That our Father has allowed.

Their children remember their parents love,
And affection for one another.
This picture is embedded in their hearts,
Along with many others.

Still together after sixty years,
With a love so very sweet.
He still remembers that girl from afar,
That God allowed him to meet.

A love that's lasted through the years,
And will forever more.
Together now and always,
With the one they adore.

Happy 60th Anniversary!


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©July 2004

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