The Power Of Prayer

I stand in awe each and every day,
When I see the power of prayer.
My heart is so full of love,
To know that God is there.

Hearts are mended and the sick are healed,
Troubles disappear.
Smiles now appear where once.
There was a tear.

I see the joy of one that witnessed,
And in those that prayed.
As a little child found Jesus,
When His life was portrayed.

I see crutches and canes put aside,
Wheelchairs no longer needed.
All because God answered prayer,
When someone pleaded

In His hands we can trust,
Whatever the future may bring,
Just knowing this should give us all,
A song in our heart to sing.

Let's rest within His hands,
And know He hears our prayer;
Remember to pray for others,
As we linger there.

Oh yes! our God is an awesome God,
And He's with us every day.
How great is the power of prayer,
When we believe and pray





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Midi Playing: When All Is Said And Done
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