The Poem Of Poems

I wish I could write the Poem of Poems,
That would travel far and near!
One that would touch hearts everywhere,
And calm everyone's fear.

A poem that love would be so described,
Each word would magnify.
Words that would draw the reader close,
And bring a breathless sigh.

A poem that somehow could erase,
Sadness and loneliness.
Bring smiles and laughter to everyone,
End poverty and distress.

Oh what a writer I would be!
To attain an honor so great.
Of writing the Poem of Poems!
That all would celebrate.

I know my words won't change the world,
Although much is in my heart.
But if I could, believe me.
I know just where I'd start.

In this great poem I would write,
Of my love for humanity;
Write words of love and kindness,
For all the world to see.

Oh yes! I'd tell of our Father's love,
And others would believe!
Of a life hereafter as a gift,
God wants us to receive.

I may never write the Poem of Poems,
But words come from a loving heart,
I hope you feel the love I send,
You're where I want to start!



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©June 2004


Made with love
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