The Groomer

Oh what an exciting day it was
The groomer was here today.
He couldn't wait to get started
Couldn't stay out of her way!

You see he's known her since a pup,
And loved her from the start.
She knows the formula to TLC
And has surely won his heart!

Loaded with scissors, razors and dryer,
She came to do her task.
Set up her table to give a bath,
Didn't even need to ask.

Her soapy fingers began to scrub,
And Sam was in heavenly bliss.
She checked him out all over,
Not a place did she miss!

All bathed and ready now to dry,
He didn't bat an eye!
Loved the warm air she spread around,
Wasn't long till he was dry.

Now the razor was another thing,
He kept a watchful eye.
She was shaving around important parts,
He was ready for a battle cry!

The scissors he didn't seem to mind,
But balked with trimming his ear.
A little nervous when trimming his tail
That always brings a little fear!

He hoped she didn't cut too much,
It was the most fun thing he had.
He loves to chase his furry tail,
To make children happy and glad!

The last thing needed was to do his nails,
That he didn't mind.
He sensed their visit would soon end,
As he felt her hands so kind.

All spiffed up with a new kerchief,
Oh how handsome he is!
Walking around and strut tin his stuff!
Attention is all his!

All packed up and ready to go,
She had to say goodbye.
She picked him up for one last hug,
I knew for her he'd cry.

(TLC means Tender Loving Care!)

June 31, 2005


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