I can tell you need some TLC
The way you look at me.
Those big brown eyes tell it all,
It's not hard to see.

You want some cuddling and petting too,
I've seen that look before.
You just want to know I love you,
As me you just adore!

Such a sweet and special friend,
You never let me down.
Just wait for me so patiently,
Without a single sound.

So sad that you no longer fit;
Too big now for my lap.
I can't reach across the keyboard,
While you take a nap!

So lay beside me my sweet Sam,
I love to know you're there.
And I write this poem just for you,
So you know how much I care!

I'll give you all the Tender Loving Care,
That you deserve so much..
With the unconditional love you show,
My heart is truly touched..


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Midi playing: I Love You So Much
Courtesy  Tear Jerkers Lounge