Sympathetic Friends

It seems we have a tendency.
To complain more than we should.
Others that are around us,
Would quiet us if they could!

Sometimes we just can't hold it in,
We  must tell others how we feel.
We want them to know we're uncomfortable,
And the aches and pains we feel.

We look to others for sympathy,
Sometimes they make things better.
If there is no one around to listen,
We might write someone a letter.

Oh how special are loyal friends!
Those who listen patiently.
And when they offer sympathy,
I know they care for me.

After aches and pains have been expressed,
We may even find a smile.
All we really need is a friend,
To listen for a while.

So if you feel inclined to complain,
I'll be here for you.
I promise to be patient and,
Pray your problems will subdue!




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