Sweet Angel

How I miss my little one,
And think of him each day.
Remembering all the things,
He used to do and say.

He was my angel sent from God,
To love and hold so dear.
There are days that seem as though,
His presence is still near.

Oh sweet memories if even for a while.
Never did I know,
That God would call this angel home,
Soon to heaven he would go.

He always made me so very proud,
With his special loving way.
God had given him a special gift,
Of sharing love each day.

I know that he loved Jesus,
And sang his favorite song.
I still hear those little tunes he sang,
Though it's been so long.

Oh! for the day we are reunited,
How wonderful that will be!
I'm so thankful for eternal life,
God gave my angel and me.


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Music by Margi Harrell

Performed by
Margi Harrell
Please feel free to visit her wonderful site right HERE.
This midi along with more wonderful compositions and/or performances are available at Ms. Harrell's site on CDs. If you wish to use her music on your personal web site you must contact Ms. Harrell

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