Happy Father's Day


Step Dad

You are someone in my life,
That means the world to me.
Sweet memories of the past,
In my heart I see.

Oh so many memories when I was young,
That I will never forget.
No one could have been a better Dad
From the day we first met.

I saw the love you had for Mom,
For her you were just right!
I could see love light up her eyes,
Every time you were in sight!

I take this time to thank you for,
Always being there for me.
The different ways you support me that,
No one else can see.

You always make me feel worthwhile,
Encourage me to succeed.
Are always there to be my friend,
Whenever I have a need.

Others might call you my Step Dad,
But I've loved you as my Dad!
God gave the best when he sent you,
A better Dad I couldn't have had.



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