Somewhere In Time

Somewhere In Time

You  come to me from somewhere in time,
Time or place I do not know.
Each day that passes I'm so touched,
By the friendship that you show.

The words you say, I've heard before,
From somewhere long ago.
My heart seems to recognize,
It's someone that I know.

You make a difference in my day.
Put smiles upon my face.
You seem to know the words that,
My heart will soon embrace.

I pray that you will stay with me,
As peace to my soul you bring.
You are like music to my heart,
And a song it wants to sing.

You've stirred so many memories,
God must have sent you here.
If only for a little while,
I hope to feel you near.







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Midi Playing: Somewhere In Time
Courtesy of Tear Jerkers Lounge


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