Smiling Through The Tears

Some days it seems everything goes wrong,.
All the dreams we had disappear.
We feel that life is not worthwhile,
Always a tear is near.

We wonder what we may have done,
Did we cause things to go wrong?
Sadness is always in our heart,
Has been there so very long.

We've forgotten how to laugh and smile.
See dark clouds everywhere.
We forget that over the rainbow,
Are treasures beyond compare!

We can find life is still worth living
If we only look around.
There are those who care about us,
And smiles can still be found.

Let's empty our hearts of sadness,
Put a smile on our face!
God promised if only we believe
Sorrow and fear He'll erase!

Though we may smile through the tears,
Our heart knows we're trying
That's all our Father wants to know,
And He will ease the crying.

Dark clouds soon will disappear,
We'll learn to smile again;.
There'll be a reason for living,
If on Him we depend.





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