Friends Ready and Willing

What would we do without our friends.
That we call on to pray.
Friends always ready and willing,
Anytime during the day.

My heart is touched so many times,
By the assurance that they lend.
Friends giving thanks for answered prayer,
By the time they say Amen!

Each may pray in a different way,
But each prayer I know is heard.
Prayers said with unconditional love and,
Claim the promise of God's word.

When I can't handle things on my own,
One always comes to mind.
A friend that's sure to pray for me,
Seems like God does assign.

How very thankful that I am,
To have friends so dear.
That strengthen and encourage me,
Whenever they appear.

I hope that they may remember.
That I'm standing by to pray,
I'm like a soldier armed with prayer.
For them also any day.


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