Quiet Night 

I sit here by my Christmas tree,
Enjoying visions I see.
Thoughts of Christmas' long gone past,
Cause mixed emotions for me.

I see ornaments with special meanings,
Those given by a friend.
Many things made by little hands,
Oh! what memories they lend.

I think of loved ones in the past,
And how things used to be.
So precious were those happy days,
When Christmas spent with me.

The soft glow of twinkling lights,
The quietness of the night.
Makes me think of Jesus birth;
And the Star that shined so bright. 

I also think of you tonight and,
Give thanks for you above.
I hope that you may feel my thoughts,
But most of all my love.

Together we two will not be, 
But, if we were I'd say,
"I wish for you much love and joy,
Especially on Christmas Day!". 


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