Poetic Fingers

I hear the music flowing softly,
With poetic fingers.
Such beautiful music comes forth,
And in my heart lingers.

Each note played so sweetly,
Is like a rhapsody.
I sit silently and listen,
As if just for me.

Sometimes I feel a sadness,
As I envision the one who plays.
Emotions and feelings are played,
In such poetic ways.

I hear joy and happiness sometimes,
As fingers go up and down the keys.
Professing much love for our Father,
In musical tones with ease.

Oh what a gift our Father gave,
To share with those around.
He gave it to the perfect one,
I'm so happy to have found.

The music reaches out to others,
As on the wings of a dove.
Spreading joy and happiness,
But mostly sounds of love.



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Music by Margi Harrell
Midi Playing:  Somewhere In Time

©August 2004

Made with love
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