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The Night Sky

I look up at the sky at night,
In awe of what is there.
I see the beauty of the galaxy,
With You I want to share.

It's awesome to think the One,
Who can make a star,
Can care for someone such as me,
And watch over from afar.

The sight is oh so beautiful!,
And I can feel God near.
When I think of His loving grace,
Emotions bring a tear.

I know that there are angels there,
Watching over me,
Those that guard the paths I take,
One day I hope to see!

I love the sky at night time and, 
When things are quiet and still.
It gives a glimpse of a mighty God,
And my heart with love does fill.

I know you see the same stars too,
And hope you feel God's love.
I also hope you'll think of me,
As you cast your eyes above.




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Midi By Elton Smith and used with
permission "I Gaze At The Stars"

Made with love
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