Secret Place

I searched for our Lord Jesus,
As I needed Him so much.
It seemed as though He was hidden,
And I wanted to feel His touch.

I prayed to Him every day,
And wondered if He heard.
But yet when the day was ending,
I felt my prayers unheard.

I decided to search His Word,
To see if it gave a clue.
Read many verses in the New Testament,
How He died for me and you.

Then I found Jesus in Matthew,
He'd been here all along.
When I read He'd see me in secret,
Those words were a joyous song!

I realized where our Father is,
He's deep within our heart!
We just need to look inside,
And His presence He'll impart

He says "enter into thy closet,
And when thy hast shut the door,
Pray to our Father in secret"
How can we help but adore!

Our "closet "is our inner self,
Where we put all other thoughts aside.
 Pray in "secret" quietly and,
Time with Him abide.


Inspired by Matthew 6:6

"But thou, when thou prayest,
enter into thy closet, and when
thou has shut the door, pray to
thy Father which is in secret, and
thy Father which seeth in secret,
shall reward thee openly."



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Music: I Believe

Written By Norma Stephenson
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