My Mother's Bible

I came across my Mother's bible,
And memories flooded my heart.
I read articles of past events and,
Things she didn't want to part.

I saw all the precious hours,
She had spent in His word.
Verses carefully underlined,
Some I had never heard.

Bookmarks with verses still preserved,
 Ribbons still like new and clean,
Marked verses in Genesis and Revelations,
And all the books between.

There are dried roses still intact,
I wonder from where they came.
Saved to remember someone,
Only she knew the name.

I saw the page of all the births,
And family members now deceased.
Since she's now home in heaven,
Her name is last but not least.

As I added her name I wondered,
If she was watching from above.
And if she was I hope she knows,
My heart is still filled with love.

What a wonderful tribute she has left,
For those left behind.
And all the families that are to come,
A treasure in their time.

As I closed the Bible I could feel her love,
Could see her beautiful face.
And somewhere in my mind I heard,
Her favorite song "Amazing Grace".


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From the album,
Between Father Sky & Mother Earth, Which



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