My Hydrangeas

On a summer day long ago,
Visitors did appear.
Bearing a token of friendship,
Something to them so dear.

Two tiny plants offered with love,
One day would multiply.
Would create a bond of friendship,
That blooms would signfy.

As now I see these beautiful blooms,
The color of azure blue,
I touch them gently in remembrance,
Of when they once were new.

I see your loving faces,
And think of years gone past.
So many happy memories,
In my heart will last.

I wish somehow that you could know,
The hearts that you still touch.
As tiny plants I now pass along,
Are loved so very much.

Oh, I love to tell the story,
Of that summer day.
I hold you close within my heart,
And for you each day do pray.




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Midi Playing:  Solitude

Music by Margi Harrell


Made with love
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