My Front Porch By Southbreeze

Front Porch Neighbors

In early summer I heard a noise,
Was like a lot of chatter.
Curiosity caused me to take a look,
To see what was the matter.

As I peeped through the window to my front porch,
I saw all this activity!
Two little birds were building a nest,
Busy in creativity

My large green fern they had chosen,
To build their little nest.
Both birds flying in and out with,
Hardly any rest.

I checked back often during the day,
To see how things were going.
Each time I looked I could tell,
That the nest was growing!

By the time that the sun had set,
Things had quieted down.
I peeped into the little nest,
Without making any sound.

I assumed it was the female,
That sat there all alone.
The male was nowhere around and,
No attention to her was shown!

For quite a few days she sat quietly,
Hardly leaving her nest.
Didn't seem to be frightened when, 
 Watering disturbed her rest.

Then one morning I heard chatter again,
Both Mom and Dad were there.
The miracle of three little eggs hatched,
And duties both did share.

I enjoyed the babies throughout the days,
Had fun watching them grow.
 Then all at once they disappeared,
What happened I do not know.

Now I wonder did they survive,
They seemed to be so small.
I'll wonder through the summer,
What happened to them all!

Could they have made it to the trees,
And out of dangers way?
If so they outsmarted the  neighborhood cat,
Who hung around each day!.

I'd like to think God lifted their wings,
Helped the babies fly away.
And now His angels from above,
Watch over them each day.



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©August 2004

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