Music can bring back memories,
That sometimes we forget.
We may hear a song and remember,
Someone that we once met.

Sometimes I think of my Mama,
When songs of prayer I hear.
I remember her down on her knees,
Whispering prayers so dear.

Some bring us closer to our God,
Bible verses come to mind.
Scenes of Christ dying on the cross,
A sweet hymn will remind.

A long lost love is remembered,
With an old sweet love song.
The music seems to bring them near,
Although it's been so long.

Music is a gift from God and,
Also instrumentalists that play.
They can put joy into your heart,
And brighten up your day.

I especially love a guitar,
Playing hymns from long ago.
Notes seem to flow into my heart,
Of songs I love and know.

I thank our Father up above,
For how he calls to me.
With beautiful music and words,
So His love I may see.




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Many thanks to Harry Todd for sharing his "git pickin!"
Music playing "His Eye Is On The Sparrow"