Memories Flood My Mind

Today memories flood my mind,
Of days that are long gone by.
 I think of what your friendship meant,
And my heart gives a sigh.

Memories of sweet afternoons,
Spending time together.
Our friendship was so very sweet,
We had it altogether.

Lots of laughter and many smiles,
As things we did share.
There was not a better friend,
I could find anywhere.

Memories of sunsets and rain,
Walks and talks we had.
So many wonderful days in my life,
Those your friendship did add.

Somehow it all slipped away,
Regretfully we let it go.
Always I kept you in my heart,
Where friendship once did flow.

I had faith we'd meet again,
And that faith has held true.
God has crossed our paths once more,
Somehow I always knew.

January 2006


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