"Roses are red, violets are blue",
She wrote so many a time.
Wanting to be a poetess,
And learn how to rhyme.

"I think that I shall never see....",
But someone other than me,
And seemed to be most famous,
Has written about a tree.

I guess I will have to write my own,
And do the very best I can,
To show my feelings deep inside,
Since writing I first began.

"Sugar is sweet and so are you",
That too has been taken.
Mom says I should ask Jesus to help me,
And I will know when I awaken.


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"I think that I shall never see...excerpt from "Trees"
 by Joyce Kilmer 1914
Excerpt from "Roses are Red"..

Sir Edmund Spenser 1590.
Many variations are known for "Roses are Red".
No copyrights known for exact wording for either poem.

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Permission Granted by Bruce DeBoer


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