Little One

As I hold and rock you to and fro,
I wonder who and what you'll be.
So sweet and soft and precious too,
Will you remember me?

While these days are here and now,
To our Father I pray.
That someday in rememberance you will
This sweet and special day.

Fast asleep as I hold you to my heart,
I see a smile upon your face.
I know that angels must be near,
And in your dreams embrace.

I think of the things that you might be,
And wonder the path you'll take.
If you'll be here or somewhere else,
What of your life you'll make.

I cannot see the future or,
Who one day you'll be.
But one thing I am certain of,
You will be loved by me!

I wish so many things for you,
My little sleepy head.
Time now for hugs and a good night kiss!
As I lay you in your bed.




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