Listen To Your Heart

I said a prayer for you today,
So listen to your heart.
God will be speaking to you,
And words He will impart.

I have not a single doubt,
That He will come unto you.
I know He keeps His promises,
And shares your burdens too.

He knows about your worries,
And decisions you must make.
Knows you are undecided as to,
Pathways you should take.

So when you hear Him whisper,
Listen and take heed.
He wants to lead and guide you,
And help you in your need.

It's not always easy to take the right path,
It takes courage and determination.
 But God will direct your thoughts and steps,
Grant blessings beyond expectation.

So watch and listen through the day,
Stand tall and look around.
You are one of God's children and,
He will never let you down.

Remember always I'm praying for you,
And when we are apart,
I promise things will work for good,
If you listen to your heart.



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