I Want To Be A Star

As I look up at the sky tonight,
My heart is touched.
Seeing the miracles God has created,
I realize His power so much.

I saw thousands of stars blinking,
As if to say, "Come join me!"
My heart cried out "I'm here Lord,
I want to be more like Thee.

I want to be like a star,
Be a witness for Thee.
A shining light that all could see,
When they look at me.

They would see love and faithfulness,
That would shine from me.
Know I believe in eternity,
That I believe in Thee."

Wouldn't you like to be a star,
Reflect a light so others could see,
A heart full of love for Jesus,
And a desire like Him to be?


(Inspired by Pastor Paul Mann)

Lebanon Baptist Church
Roswell, Georgia



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Midi Playing  When All is Said And Done (Geoff Moore)
Courtesy of
Arlene's Heavenly Christian Midis




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