I Truly Love You

A time so very long ago,
I dreamed of someone like you.
The day you came into my life
My timeless dream came true.

Our friendship grew right from the start,
But never did I know.
That what I felt as time passed by,
In my heart would grow.

Friendship soon turned into love,
A love that 's been so strong.
Every time we are together,
For you my heart does long.

I know that you don't feel the love,
That I need so from you.
I pray you will open up your heart,
And you will love me too.

I feel so sad each time we part.
And there are tears within my eyes.
Sometimes I feel my heart will break
And this I can't disguise.

I hope one day you'll return my love,
As I truly do love you.
You'll never find another that,
Loves you as I do.

October 22, 2005





Music: You Are The Love Of My Life

Sequenced by Jack Hall
Permission Granted

Southbreeze / Webmaster/Publisher

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