I Saw Santa Claus

I saw Santa Claus last night!
And if you can't believe,
Please know I would never, ever,
Give cause to deceive.

He didn't have his reindeers,
And didn't have his sleigh.
He said these things were magic,
Used only on Christmas Eve Day.

He told us lots of things,
I never knew before!
Why he didn't come down the chimney,
But came through the front door.

Said for years down the chimney he came.
He had no trouble sliding down.
But the cookies that we leave for him,
Over the years made him too "round".

He enjoys all kinds of cookies and cake,
But one he likes better than all.
Peanut Butter cookies his favorite,
Likes them big or small.

Rudolph only leads the pack when,
Christmas Eve is foggy and black!
Dasher is usually the lead reindeer,
And can better control the pack.

All the reindeers love carrots,
And appreciate the snack.
They remember the homes that left them,
When next year they fly back

He knows what 's on everyone's  list,
Mrs. Clause keeps him informed.
Really knows who's been naughty or nice,
And those that have reformed.

"Are Elves really tiny and small?" was asked,
"Oh Yes" he said, "with pointed ears".
"They live in the North Pole and have been,
Santa's helpers through the years."

How does he travel the world in one night,
Leave toys at every house?
"Ho Ho Ho, he sprinkles magic dust!"
Flying over quiet as a mouse.

He said  that in the Summer time,
May live beside you or me.
Trims his long beard and hair and may,
Look different when we see.

If some wonder and say "Santa"?
His answer will make them think.
He gives a hearty "Ho Ho Ho"
And answers with a wink!

So, if you are one that doesn't believe,
This story of Santa is true.
Memories so precious to my heart,
That I want to share with you!




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Midi Playing: Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer
Courtesy of  Twelve Days Of Christmas


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