I Miss You




A time so long and far away,
Such happiness I knew.
No lonely days and nights,
Because I was with you.

You filled my days with endless fun and,
To you I gave my heart.
Nights were filled with love and joy;
You said we'd never part.

I miss you since you've gone away,
I think of you each day.
Remembering brings such sweet thoughts,
Of your sweet and loving way.

Oh, I love you so my darling,
Why did you have to leave?
Everyday I spend without you,
For you my heart does grieve.

For always and forever I'll,
Keep you in my heart.
My love for you will never cease
While we are apart.







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MIDI: Love Medley
Margi Harrel

If you wish to use Ms. Harrell's music
you must contact her by clicking on her name. 
Visit her site HERE where you will find many wonderful midis
as well as CDs for sale!  We own several, and they are wonderful!  

Feb 27, 2002


Made with love
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