This Child 

I bring this child to meet you Lord,
And ask of you your care.
We've come together on our knees,
To offer up a prayer.

She's heard me pray so many times,
Not sure she understood.
But now I feel she's old enough,
I've brought her as I should.

I place within your hands my Lord,
The dearest thing I possess.
I've known she's only loaned to me,
Since first when I caressed.

She's oh so glad to meet you!
I've told her of your love.
How you watch over her each day,
From the heavens above.

She wants to know more about you,
And I'm sure she'll learn each day.
As she kneels beside her bed each night,
And sweet prayers she will say.

She's so very small and shy,
May not know what to say.
I'll teach her how to thank you,
To help her on her way.

I put her in your loving care;
Each day to protect and guide.
I trust in you with all my heart,
Please keep her by your side.


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©Danny Hahlbohm ~ used with permission
name of painting is "Little Precious One"

Midi playing: How Beautiful
Thank you Margie for this beautiful rendition.



Made with love
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