I'll Not Forget

When I wake in the morning light.
My first thoughts turn to you.
I want to sing and praise your name,
For all the things you do.

I want to thank you for keeping me safe,
And for keeping me well.
Oh! for many things I give thanks,
As with me you dwell.

I can never say thanks enough for,
The gift of eternal life.
I think of you each day that comes,
Especially when in strife.

I feel so humble and unworthy,
That you paid for my sin.
You took them to the cross one day,
For our Father to amend.

Help me Lord to be more like you,
I love you oh so much!
Let others see this love in me,
Those that I may touch.

 On Easter Day I'll not forget the cross,
And the suffering you endured. 
I know that you will come again.
In Your Word it's assured.

So I await you Lord Jesus!
In a cloud you'll appear.
To gather all God's children,
Those He holds so dear





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