~An Hour With You~

A lady of integrity,
As sweet as you can be,
Your love for us you do show,
From your heart it does flow.

A "Happy Birthday" wish I send,
As if it's written on the wind,
Sent to Georgia to my friend,
Sweet wishes to you I do send!

My first friend on the internet,
Sweet, gentle and kind,
Giving of her heart and soul,
To everyone all the time.

Have a Happy Birthday, Sweetie,
And know how much you're loved,
For you deserve the very best,
From God our Father up Above.

South you're 'a lady' quite special,
You're such a dear, so sweet and kind,
God crossed our paths some years ago,
You've the 'dearest heart' I'll e'er find.

Always I'll love you my sweet friend,
And I wish you life's happiness,
You've given to me so much joy,
Filled me with delight and gladness.

Have a sweet Happy Birthday South,
An elegant Celebration,
You deserve it, you're so adored,
You've my love and admiration.

Oh my sweet Lady, a precious gift,
To so many authors such as I,
Giving unselfishly of yourself,
Every effort from the heart doth fly.

Our friendship has been ongoing,
From the first poem you displayed,
You have always been God's angel,
Doing His work so tenderly arrayed.

Hope your birthday is so grand,
You are the most deserving,
May you be treated royally this day,
Your service to others is unswerving.

To one of my sweetest and dearest friends,
I feel I have known you forever,
You are always ready to help everyone,
So today I honor you with lots of love on your Special Birthday.

'Birthday Wishes' just for you,
From the Oklahoma Plains,
Filled with love and hugs galore,
And a Birthday Song's sweet refrain.

Youíre such a lovely person,
It shows in all you do,
You give so much to others,
Godís love comes shining through.

We join as one, your group of friends,
To honor you on this day,
In hopes that all the best is yours,
Have a Happy, Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday my precious friend,
May God's blessing ever grace you,
May His loving touch be manifest,
In each daily activity that you do.

I see His light shining brightly,
It surrounds you, emits from your heart,
The goodness you treasure and hold,
Will always display a Godly part.

To the lady who sings the sweetest song,
I hope you know how much you're cherished,
Your sweet melody has touched my heart,
For this, these words cannot go unsaid.

I heard today was your birthday,
I just wanted to wish you the best,
Send you special wishes for happiness,
For my heart you've surely blessed.

From the "Gang"
Melva, Donna, Sondra, Marie,
Carolyn, Jimmy, Tina, Gayle

(My dearest friends there are not words enough
to express my appreciation and love for each of you.
I am so very touched by your sweet words and will cherish
each and every one.  I am so blessed to have you for my
friends and love each one in a very special way.)



Music: "Happy Birthday "
Bob Mace Midi Page
Sequenced By: Bob Mace
Used With Permission

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