Grandma Is Gone

It's so hard for me to believe,
Grandma is no longer here.
She's been with me all my life and,
Still I feel her near.

I know my life won't be the same;
Each night is filled with tears.
I still see her sweet smile and,
Remember laughter through the years.

Each day is filled with so much pain,
I miss her Oh so much!
I know the time now has come,
That I need our Father's touch.

So Lord I give my grief to You,
And trust You at Your Word.
As I feel Your arms around me,
Oh how my heart is stirred.!

How comforting it is to know,
Grandma is now with You!
Pain and suffering was left behind,
And now all things are new!

I pray that I may live my life,
So Grandma I will see.
When that day which is to come,
I'll be called home to Thee.




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