I amble down a mountain path,
While dusk is drawing near.
I need to see the lovely site,
I know will soon appear.

Iíve waited for this special time,
Excitement builds in me.
I hope to see those lights of God,
Because of love I'll see.

There in the midst of soft, still air,
While sweetly, twilight falls,
The sounds of night rise from the trees
My spirit, nature calls.

At last the sunlight disappears,
Then fireflies appear.
They glitter like the stars at night,
With lights so crystal clear.

And then the magic does begin,
With thousands in accord.
Together with their magic lights,
They use that light they've stored.

The male has the brighter lamp,
The lady's light is weak.
Yet all their lights do synchronize,
To bring the courtships peak.

Yes, in this special place of God,
These courtships blend their light.
While proper mates are found for each,
I'm blessed to see this sight.

© ~Southbreeze~



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Note from Southbreeze:
This  is a true event that occurs annually and has so for many years in
 the Elkmont region of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in
Tennessee.  It is reported that they also appear in
other areas of the park, and also in North Carolina.


"Midsummer's Eve" © Edward Robert Hughes 1908

Midi Playing:  Fairy Dance © Bruce Deboer
an Original Composition

Graphic Set made Especially for Southbreeze
by Designer Lady

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