Easter Joy

A pretty dress to match her eyes,
Much like an azure blue.
Lacy socks and new white shoes and,
 An Easter bonnet too!

All dressed up and feeling pretty;
Easter basket held so tight.
She looked like a little angel,
That comes in Easter's light.

Her Daddy led the way with his,
Sweet and loving touch.
Helped her look for Easter eggs that,
She'd looked forward to so much!

She smiled and laughed with glee as,
Treasures were uncovered.
Peeping from underneath a leaf,
Waiting to be discovered.

No doubt that this is Daddy's girl!
I see it in his eyes.
She is his love, his joy, his life,
One he does idolize.

I watched as they made memories,
Those that would be so dear.
A basket filled with candy eggs,
That soon would disappear!

I am so filled with Easter Joy;
And all the love it brings.
Because my Lord does live today
My heart forever sings!.




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