Don't Give Up On Your Dreams

Don't ever give up on your dreams,
Or let them drown in doubt.
Remember sometimes it's the challenge,
That it's all about.

Make a pathway to your dreams,
One that's straight and true.
Keep those dreams within your heart,
And hold them close to you.

Put forth your very best efforts,
And ask God for direction.
Have no doubt that if you go wrong,
God will provide correction.

To dream is such a wonderful thing;
Thoughts of what we'd like to be.
Dreams give hope to pursue and find,
The wonderful visions we see.

We have but one lifetime here on earth,
I want to make mine count!
Have something worthy to offer my Lord
When I give an account.

Oh so many visions and dreams,
That we want to come true.
A desire to be remembered,
For something we may do.

We have dreams to look forward to,
Let's not give up or forsake
Just maybe one day we'll look back:
Know the right road we did take.


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The painting used in this set is
© by John O'Brien.
Used with permission.

© Ultimate Designs 2001-2003.


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