Dear Jesus

Jesus, hear my prayer tonight,
I need you really bad.
Mom and Dad are fighting again,
And it makes me really sad..

I hear them yelling all sorts of things,
And it scares me so.
I really don't know what to do,
There's no where I can go.

I love them both so very much,
Will you stop the yelling?
I've cried so many tears tonight,
How many there's no telling..

Please make this a happy home,
How glad I would be.
To have a happy family,
For Mom and Dad and me.

Please answer this one prayer,
I'll try hard to be good.
I will come and talk everyday.
And love you like I should

I know you can do this Jesus,
And pray with all my heart.
That when tomorrow comes,
The yelling will not start.



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The midi is Bruce DeBoer and used with his permission. 
It is entitled Secret.  You may visit his fine site HERE where he not only
has midis to download but ALSO has great CD's for sale.

Made with love
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