Day By Day

Day by day I go to Him,
Sometimes I go in tears.
He gives me strength to meet my trials,
And takes away my fears.

He holds my hand and counsels me,
When I feel despair,
And when I need someone to comfort me,
My Lord is always there.

I know that He is standing by,
As I come in silent prayer.
I feel His arms around me,
And I can feel His care.

With Him I put my burdens aside;
Can feel a peace and rest.
I know that I can trust Him,
To do what He deems best.

He'll not leave me if I stumble,
Or if my steps are slow,
And if I take the wrong path,
He'll surely let me know.

I'm sure He knows that I love Him,
He's the dearest friend I know.
And I pray this love I feel for Him,
My life will always show..



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Midi Playing:  Holy Ground
Music by Margi Harrell



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