Come Sit With Me Daddy

Come sit beside me Daddy,
Spend some time with me.
There's much I'd like to tell you,
With you I need to be.

I wish that you were not so tired,
Each day that you come home
You always say that you need rest,
And need to be alone.

Please come and sit with me Daddy,
I have so much to say.
I'd like to tell you important things,
That happened to me today.

A little puppy followed me home,
That Mom won't let me keep.
It's now upstairs under your bed,
And it's fast asleep.

I lost my lunch money on the bus,
And thought I would not eat.
When I went to my lunch room chair,
Two cookies were on my seat!

I tried out for the soccer team
I think I did real good!
The coach said for you to telephone him,
Just as soon as you could.

I made an A on a test today,
My drawing was put on the wall.
I knew the answer to a question,
When the teacher my name did call.

At school we played a game of fun
We chose who we'd like to be.
I said I wanted to be just like you!
When the question came to me.

Oh Daddy you have fallen asleep,
You didn't hear what I've said.
Maybe tomorrow we can spend some time,
Before I'm put to bed.

I wish you could have given me,
A little hug and kiss.
I wanted to say that I love you,
And you I sure do miss.





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Midi is provided with permission by sequencer and performer Yuko Ohigashi. 
 You are welcome to visit her wonderful site by clicking on her banner. 
 There she has CDs for sale, midis and MP3s! 
This midi is entitled For The Children Of The World and is an original composition.



Made with love
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