Come Sit Beside Me

Come sit beside me tonight dear Lord,
Until I fall asleep.
Let me feel your sweet presence and,
The love in my heart I keep.

I need you in my life tonight,
And through every day.
Keep me ever thoughtful of,
The blessings you've sent my way.

I feel your love in every sunrise,
And every beautiful sunset.
Each day I think of your promises,
You help me not to forget.

Your greatness is everywhere I see,
In mountains and oceans deep.
Your power is reflected in the Universe,
And in the souls you keep.

I'm thankful you are my dearest friend,
Always I can count on you.
Your goodness and your mercy,
Is shown all the day through

So when I close my eyes tonight,
And give my hand to thee.
I'll sleep soundly with sweet dreams,
Because you're watching over me.


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Midi Playing:  Without Him
Courtesy of Rose's Garden



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