Class Reunion

Once again it's the time of year,
And we can hardly wait.
It's time for our yearly reunion,
A time to celebrate!

Friends meeting together once again,
From places near and far.
We make our way by plane and train,
Many travel by car.

Oh what fun we all do have!
At the reunion of our class.
A most important gathering,
That none can surpass!

Sometimes we may not recognize,
Our Classmates from years past.
We're thankful for the name tags,
That our eyes upon we cast!

It's not that we have changed,
But we might not look the same.
Inside we're still the friend you knew,
Even if you forget our name.

We love to hear the stories of,
What you've done with your life;
Stories of who you share your life with,
And meet your husband or wife.

We love the pictures that all do bring,
To show off our families.
We'll just happen to have pictures of,
 Grandkids for all to see.

When it's time again to say goodbye,
Sweet memories we'll have to take,
We are blessed with our dearest friends,
In high school we did make.



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Birgitta to use this page.

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