Cyber Friends

It's hard for some to understand,
And ask How can it be?
How can we have such great friends,
That we've never met or see?

Friends that will come beside us,
That we can reach most any day.
When we have unsolved problems,
Or need someone to pray.

We can never understand it,
But their character we can see .
They are like the friend close by,
So strange how that can be.

Our common interests surface soon,
As we offer to help each other.
And it is truly amazing how,
One friend leads to another!

Soon there becomes a circle,
Of friendships sweet and true.
Always ready to lend a hand,
In whatever we may do.

There's always someone willing to help,
And seems to jump right in.
I'm always so grateful for
The helping hand they lend.

I am so blessed to have my friends,
And I know the circle will grow.
As others see the extended love,
To others that we show.

I feel God within our circle,
And know He's there each day..
As He guides, leads and encourages us,
As we journey through the day.



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Artist Unknown
Love To Give Credit

Music: A Beautiful Friendship

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Granted


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