Christmas Remembered

I think of Christmas' gone past,
So many years ago.
How I waited for Santa Clause,
The time would pass so slow!

I remember as a little girl,
Upon an old tire sled.
Sliding down a long, steep hill,
With little hands so red.

No scarf, no gloves, holes in my shoes;
But I didn't mind.
The chilling cold went unnoticed as
I wore a coat well lined.

Christmas was very simple for
The child and the mother.
Gifts under the tree were always sparse
But we had each other.

I remember once when Santa came.
He made my wish come true.
A beautiful doll with yellow hair
And she had pigtails too!

Funny, the things that we remember
Of days so long ago.
Cherished memories of Christmas times,
And playing in the snow

Today I have new memories,
To keep within my heart.
Sweet family and friends so dear,
These will never part.

But I'll always remember that little girl
Especially on Christmas Eve.
And the mother's sacrifice for
The doll that I received.


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Music Presented by Harry Todd
"Silent Night"


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